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Trending Chinese Outbound Tourists Destinations in 2016

An outline on the latest Chinese tourists outbound travel trends in 2016 A recent study carried out by Business Intelligence Fung Center indicated that the number of Chinese tourists was gradually growing. It has been estimated that this number could reach about 234 million by 2020 which means 100 million more than last year. The…

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Chinese tourists highly attracted to Asian destinations

Asia will grasp most of the Chinese outbound tourists  The Pacific part of Asia will remain a first choice destination for the upcoming Chinese outbound tourists increase, the market is believed to grow by 17% in 2007 according to analysis from Euromonitor International. Top 7 destinations for Chinese tourists Thanks to an overall income rise…

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Chinese tourists, the biggest market opportunity for Australian retail stores

Australian Chinese tourism market According to official data from Australia Tourism organisation, China is the second largest tourism market in terms of arrival for Australia. Chinese people are high spenders. Actually, one Chinese will spend around US$7,000 instead of US$3,500 for most of other citizens. Chinese tourists are the biggest spenders in Australia with a…

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What is the right lead generation strategy for a travel Agency in China

Are you a travel agency trying to enter the Chinese market? We can totally understand your desire as China is the biggest outbound market in the world. However, it should be noted that if you want to build a viable travel agency in China you will have to tailor your strategy and mainly go online….

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Chinese tourists flock to Egypt for the Pyramids!

Chinese tourists in Egypt Egypt, the land of pyramids and cultural heritage, seems to have lost the sounds of the ever-jingling bells of its foreign visitors after going through a revolution. Most of the visitors of the Egyptian magnificent structures were the Americans and the Europeans all these years. Now, the Chinese have managed to…

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