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China is one of the top global sources of tourists

In 2015, 109 million Chinese tourists spent 229 billion USD overseas. Analyses of the Chinese market show that in terms of both numbers of travels and money spend during those trips, China is positioned ad one of the top. From Hong Kong to the world One of the favorite destinations for China’s outbound tourists has…

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Top Digital Marketing Trends about China

Digital Marketing Trends in China Future of Digital Marketing Trend in China is bright. There are many reasons which helps to forecasts that in future lots of inventions and ideas will be generate to help people to spread their messages through digital sources. Business personalities and investors greatly attracts by unique ideas and new styles…

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What is the right lead generation strategy for a travel Agency in China

Are you a travel agency trying to enter the Chinese market? We can totally understand your desire as China is the biggest outbound market in the world. However, it should be noted that if you want to build a viable travel agency in China you will have to tailor your strategy and mainly go online….

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10 Digital Strategies you need to learn if you work in Travel industry in China

Nowadays, thanks to an increasing buying power, Chinese tourists began the most wanted all around the world. In 2015, more than 100 million Chinese tourists crossed borders of their country. Tourism companies have to know how to attract them and here we are going to introduce you how can you do that in an efficient…

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