Chinese tourist: attract tourists from China


Is Airbnb successful in China?

Airbnb is a powerful worldwide home-sharing startup, then how is it dealing with the Chinese market? Airbnb is a distributed online commercial center and home stays arrangement that allows individuals to list or lease temporary lodges in private properties, with the cost of such settlement set by the property proprietor. The organization gets percentage rate…

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Chinese tourists are spending 6 times more than Japanese tourists while traveling abroad. Chinese and Japanese people have a serious rivalry when it comes to the manufacturing of innovative and novel products. These two nations are considered as the most hardworking and sophisticated nations. People of both nations travel all over the world to explore…

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How to promote your hotel to Chinese clients ?

Chinese people are already out there !   China is already the Number 1 outbound tourism market around the globe. Chinese tourists going out of China continue to arise by 17% to 20% every year and are expected to go up considerably, according to the China Tourism Academy. According to World Travel Organization, there will be…

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