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Is Airbnb successful in China?

Airbnb is a powerful worldwide home-sharing startup, then how is it dealing with the Chinese market? Airbnb is a distributed online commercial center and home stays arrangement that allows individuals to list or lease temporary lodges in private properties, with the cost of such settlement set by the property proprietor. The organization gets percentage rate…

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‘Restaurant Australia’, Australia’s new food and wine campaign to seduce Chinese travellers

Tourism Australia launches a new food and wine campaign, ‘Restaurant Australia’ Until now, the different campaigns Tourism Australia has launched involved beautiful girls, luxurious experiences and many celebrities, like the controversial slogan “Where the bloody hell are you?” However, the success wasn’t always the one expected. Below is the misinterpreted but yet famous Australian commercial:…

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Top Digital Marketing Trends about China

Digital Marketing Trends in China Future of Digital Marketing Trend in China is bright. There are many reasons which helps to forecasts that in future lots of inventions and ideas will be generate to help people to spread their messages through digital sources. Business personalities and investors greatly attracts by unique ideas and new styles…

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Chinese tourists will spend over $255 billion oversea by 2025

A recent report showed that the increasing number of Chinese outbound tourists will spend for over $255 billion abroad by 2025 Chinese tourists to conquer to world Over the next decade, Chinese outbound tourism is expected to remain the largest travelling force around the world, totaling about $255 billion spent abroad. Oxford Economics carried out…

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