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Australia Offering Attracting Chinese Tourists Through 10 Year Visa

  Tourism markets in all countries are becoming more and more profitable because of several reasons. First of all, high-speed transportation facilities are allowing people to visit faraway lands quickly and comfortably.  Social media and the internet are also encouraging people to visit a new place and explore natural beauty with man-made marvels. Some countries…

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‘Restaurant Australia’, Australia’s new food and wine campaign to seduce Chinese travellers

Tourism Australia launches a new food and wine campaign, ‘Restaurant Australia’ Until now, the different campaigns Tourism Australia has launched involved beautiful girls, luxurious experiences and many celebrities, like the controversial slogan “Where the bloody hell are you?” However, the success wasn’t always the one expected. Below is the misinterpreted but yet famous Australian commercial:…

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Australia warmly greets Chinese tourists

To boost their tourism Australia is planning to offer a three-year multiple entry visa to Chinese travellers. Australia is situated in a strong competition zone for tourism with Indonesia or Thailand, its regional rivals. Australia’s pretty late initiative… Even if visa requirements remain much more tougher in Australia than in other countries, this 3 year visa…

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Majority Chinese tourists will travel around Asia in 2015

Each year, more than 100 million Chinese tourists are traveling abroad looking for new experiences. However, Asian countries remain the most popular destinations among Chinese travelers. Over the last years, the number of Chinese outbound travelers has rapidly increased becoming in the largest source of tourists. However the behavior of these tourists has also changed….

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Australia is the most desired destination for Chinese tourists.

The Colosseum of Rome, the Tour Eiffel of Paris or the Big Ben of London are no longer the preferred destinations to Chinese travelers while these days, the Opera House in Sidney or the Great Barrier Reef of Australia seem be the most desired holiday destination by Chinese tourists. Australia has become the favorite holiday…

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