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China is one of the top global sources of tourists

In 2015, 109 million Chinese tourists spent 229 billion USD overseas. Analyses of the Chinese market show that in terms of both numbers of travels and money spend during those trips, China is positioned ad one of the top. From Hong Kong to the world One of the favorite destinations for China’s outbound tourists has…

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Chinese tourists will spend over $255 billion oversea by 2025

A recent report showed that the increasing number of Chinese outbound tourists will spend for over $255 billion abroad by 2025 Chinese tourists to conquer to world Over the next decade, Chinese outbound tourism is expected to remain the largest travelling force around the world, totaling about $255 billion spent abroad. Oxford Economics carried out…

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Top 10 of the most visited sites in France by Chinese tourists

France remains a major destination for Chinese travellers France has been shocked by the terrosim attacks that has decreased their popularity among Chinese travellers. Even though Chinese outbound tourism favorite destinations are other Asian regions like Hong-Kong, Japan, Taiwan, South-Korea, Thailand and Singapore, Chinese tourism in Europe remains strong and especially in France. As of…

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New Zealand Tourism strategy to attract Chinese tourists

New Zealand has been increasing in popularity among Chinese tourists. According to the official New Zealand Tourism website, in 2015, New Zealand attracted more than 350,000 visitors. The number of tourists increased by 34% in 2015 in comparison to 2014. They are also staying longer compared the previous year with an increase of around 70% of…

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