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Fil Control : Sensor Manufacturer

We have worked with Fil Control Sensors company leading manufacturer of piezoresitive yarn sensors, thread sensor  and optical sensor. This is not a Chinese tourist work but we would like to show you our performance   We have work on :

Search Engine optimisation on Google and baidu

Our company goal is  to optimise their visibility on many keywords like : Yarn Sensors result on Google here Yarn sensor

the content and Design of the website :

yarn thread sensor


Photo of Sensors, Yarn Cutters


Video producing


Fil Control: Yarn Devices leader

To manufacture high accuracy, quality thread or yarn sensors that provide customers with the ideal sensor solution, Fil control employ the best engineers and has more than 20years of innovative strategy. All Sensors’ technical staff is comprised of highly talented and experienced individuals who strive to provide the biggest textile manufacturers the best technical information and customer service of the market. See an article about Thread Sensor in China.

Monitoring the thread tension is used as textile machinery quality characteristic. Using the measurement system and the next order in the thread tension, better results can be achieved in the treatment of the yarn. Also quality degradation such as thin places and wheels could be avoided. 

Fil control Sensors

Our thread and optical Sensors are used for many applications, from measuring and controlling the yarn tension, but also to control automotive specific process. Yarn machinery is one of the biggest users of sensors, which have become so sophisticated that they can be used to help detect waste and optimise production. Textile has been consolidation in the sensors space and that is expected to continue.

Fil control Customers :

Our supplier are important because they lessen the use of our productivity , thereby decreasing the cost and improve the quality.   Sensor Manufacturers : Most  sensor manufacturer Measurement acquired Technologies’ sensors via our system, we are the pioneer of this business for 15years. While the budget has been threatened with budget cuts, areas where sensors are used such as special Machines and application are expected to see continued growth

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