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Online Reputation in China is important for a brand to improve on image awareness of misinformation, scandals, negative consumer comments and criticisms among the Chinese. The positive information needed to put a brand image back to confidence in the sight of targeted consumers is important in the Chinese internet community. A brand should have a strong public relations portal to reach out to the audience especially in community management. A buzz could be termed to be negative to paint a brand bad in the eyes of its consumers by way of misinformation. Brands, therefore, need a strong online portal to project image and visibility in China to manage the community for sales.

Press Relations

Promoting brands in the China is by means of strong press relations to create products awareness. These online news portals are important in China to reach the target audience and increase the brand image build up to consumers. Press relations in China can be done with the following methods:

Writing press releases in Mandarin

Monitoring of operations

Establishment of the position and angle of attack

Dissemination targeted at journalists

With these tools at the disposal of any brand, negative comments, criticisms and misinformation can be changed to a positive testimonial to promote products. Online digital communication through the word-of-mouth, articles and blog posts are tools for effective online branding in China.

Key Opinion Leaders

These groups of Chinese influencers are the marketing tools capable of improving online reputation of a brand. The key opinion leaders appear in the banner display with the brand logo and the product to be promoted. They promote brands with trusted voice capable of producing social proof and convince consumers to purchase your products. These key opinion leaders are appropriately selected to fit into key industry areas with unique advertising strategy. Banner is prepared and displayed at the bottom of key opinion leader post with the description of your product and possibly linked to your brand details. Banner is a great way to drive traffic, especially in China to improve online reputation. KOL marketing increases sales for brands in China, their endorsement will have a positive impact on the conversion rate, especially for a brand that is new or with a poor reputation.


The word of mouth and criticisms on social media especially in China about a brand can create so much impact. These groups of Chinese are active in social media, blog posts, content and copy writings, brand advocates and niche promotion. The influencers drive action which is more powerful than awareness. Prominent influencers have followers on social media that can lead to generating a lead for a brand like Weibo, QQ, Renren etc. Chinese influencers are the third party connecting a brand to target audience. Influencer has audience network of loyalty on social media that can drive traffic to the website. The influencers generate contents about the brand, recommend brands to the target audience and present them in catchy topics. Few examples are fashion bloggers creating tremendous fashion posts. What defines an influence is the context of a target was known and the reaching coverage or power that translates into action to convince the audience. How to get good influencers determines the field and category of people to be influenced.

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