Over the past years the amount of Chinese travelers has rapidly increased due to the growth of the Chinese middle-class with biggest disposable incomes, the curiosity of Chinese population to explore new places and also because of an easing of restrictions related to tourism visas by the Chinese authorities and the destination countries.

The best chance to attract Chinese visitors is through the creation of a digital marketing strategy.

Nowadays, China is the country which provides the largest number of tourists worldwide. But maybe, most important to companies is the fact that Chinese travelers are the ones who more spend during their trips. That is the reason why many businesses are trying to attract them.

Last year, the number of Chinese outbound travelers exceeded 100 million. In 2013, the number of Chinese tourists who traveled overseas was 97 million.

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Chinese travel abroad for different reasons such as sightseeing, go shopping. Therefore, British companies have adapted their services to the Chinese culture in order to attract tourists from the Asian giant.

The UK are on their way to the top European destination!

The United Kingdom has the objective to make the country as one of the most popular destinations to Chinese tourists wanting to travel to Europe. With the purpose to attract Chinese travelers, United Kingdom has developed different marketing strategies.

In 2013, 196.000 Chinese tourists visited UK which means an increase of 9.7 % compared to 2012 and they spent about $770.6 million in the European country.

One of its most successful marketing strategies was a campaign launched by Visit Britain, the national tourism agency responsible for promoting Great Britain worldwide.

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That online campaign encouraged Chinese population to give Mandarin names to tourist attractions, famous people, places and food from the United Kingdom. The campaign was developed via Chinese social media platforms such as WeChat and Weibo.

VisitBritain also created a campaign called Great China Welcome in order to attract 650,000 Chinese tourists to the UK a year by 2020, contributing about 1.1 billion pounds annually to the UK economy.

Through this campaign, hotels, restaurants, attractions and other hospitality businesses have become “China-ready”. Nearly 200 businesses are participating in this program which is free and open to any UK business which fulfils the necessary requirements.


Online video portal

Another digital marketing strategy of VisitBritain to attract Chinese visitors was the creation of an online video portal in China, LeTV.com with the aim to show the British’s culture and heritage to Chinese population. Through LeTV.com, VisitBritain launched the first British online film festival in China, called Great Britain on Screen where Chinese audience had the opportunity to discover the British lifestyle via UK’s film and TV programs.

Creating an online video portal is a very efficient way to attract more Chinese customers because they are used to watching a lot of videos to learn about a huge variety of topics, from how to use cosmetics to what the hottest destinations are.

Chinese tourists are the world most wanted tourists and they know it!

Majority of Chinese tourists are not able to speak and understand English. That is the reason why many hotels, attractions and tour agencies from UK are working to provide printed, online or audio information in Mandarin or Cantonese to Chinese travelers. With the aim to attract Chinese tourists, those businesses are also providing Chinese food and training their staff to meet cultural needs and expectations of Chinese visitors.

As example, many British stores have hired Mandarin-speaking staff to better deal with Chinese consumers while other stores have created Chinese-language apps, offering Chinese tourists store guides, restaurant menus and events details in order to be more China-friendly.


In addition, UK government has made easier the process to obtain the tourism visa to Chinese tourists. Last July, British authorities announced improvements to the visa system in China such as a 24-hour visa service or a new service allowing tourists to apply for the British and Schengen visa at the same time.

As we see, the best way to attract more Chinese visitors is through the creation of digital marketing strategies including Chinese social media platforms where businesses have the chance to reach a huge audience.

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