8.2 Million of Chinese tourists in Thailand are expected this year !

Thailand welcomes more and more Chinese tourists, but in a mixed reception as these latter spit everywhere, urinate or defecate in common places while they spend a lot of money there.

  • In 2015, Chinese travellers numbered 7.9 million or 27% of all international travellers,
  • 8.75 million Chinese People visited Thailand in 2016.

Thai citizen are fed up with this kind of disrespect from Chinese tourists. As popular discontent is growing day after day,thai authorities have conceived and printed 1000 good manners manuals in Chinese language for Chinese tourists.

Chinese tourists in Thailand

Chinese tourists are rushing to Thailand!

These later years, many scandals have punctuated tourism’s history in Thailand, claiming Chinese tourists which produce environmental degradation. In 2015, a picture of a young girl who was urinating on the ground of the Bangkok Great Palace drove a collective indignation for Thai people, with hateful comments on Thai social media to Chinese citizen.

Bangkok Great Palace

Moreover, in March of the last year, a video showing some Chinese tourists pushing others into a queue in airport has been broadcasted on social media, and have been seen more than 2 million of time.

More complaints has been heard about condition of the toilets after used by Chinese tourist, especially at the White Temple (Wat Rong Khun).

Chalermchai, manager of White Temple, has denied to let entry  to Chinese tourists by third times before letting them pass. He claimed to AFP that “”We had problems with some Chinese who defecated anywhere, so I asked the guides to explain to them that rules must be respected in Thailand”.

touristes thailande

It is difficult Thai authorities to stop or to sanction Chinese tourists. Tourism in Thailand represents 8.5% of GDP and Chinese tourist are the largest population to visit this island.

With 4.5 million of Chinese citizen visiting Thailand in 2015, and a spending average of 5.500 baht (160$) per tourist per day, this is a huge income yearly.

With european tourists, this income must be to reach 5.6 billion of dollars this year. Thai government cannot afford himself to lose this income whereas he tries to fighting a slow economy.

Not the same culture

At White Temple, some guides has to find some diplomatic solution in order to avoid to offend Chinese tourists.

Government Authorities in Bangkok has built new diplomatic relationship with China, becoming allies. Thus, with more convenient visa policies between China and Thailand, and the increase of Chinese middle class which travel more oversea, more Chinese tourists should go in Thailand this year.

temple blanc

White Temple

Obviously, Chinese authorities do not wish to increase troubles with China.
For example, they claim that Chinese tourists don’t create troubles for them, they are kind people. For them, these troubles are only cultural misunderstanding because of different culture.

For most of Chinese tourists, Thailand is a dream and it seems they will be more and more to go there for holidays.

Chinese tourists, ThailandThailand chinese tourists

How to Attract Chinese tourists in Thailand ?

  1. Work on Baidu 
  2. Website in Chinese
  3. Social Media : Wechat & Weibo
  4. work on your online reputation
  5. Use online Media
  6. Advertising online with attractive offer
  7. Use luyoudaren star travellers
  8. Encourage to writte travelnotes

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